Editorial Policy

The Rads Journal of Biological Research and Applied Sciences is a peer-reviewed, open access, nonprofit multidisciplinary journal which encourages and invites researchers to submit research manuscripts in all fields of biological and applied sciences, including Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology. The journal has a committed internationally recognized Advisory and Editorial board.

Manuscript formatting: All the submitted manuscripts will first be checked to ensure they are in the required format and comply with the journal's instructions.

Ethical Approval: In case of original/research articles, author's contribution could only be considered with the mandatory requirement of the certificate duly signed and stamped from IRC/Ethical Review Board (ERB).

Conflict of Interest: The declaration concerning non-financial conflicts of interest, financial support for study conduction or manuscript preparation and financial interests beyond the study (e.g., if somebody has acted as a consultant or holds equity in a company, even if that company did not directly support the study) should be clearly acknowledged. 

Copyright Transfer Agreement: Authors/ contributors who contribute in the journal will read, agree and sign the copyright transfer agreement declaring that the work is original or novel, not under consideration by another journal, and has not been published before.  

Plagiarism detection: Submissions will be analyzed by the Editor for their scientific quality, originality and  content verification. Text similarity will be checked by the Content verification mode in Turnitin. Content acceptance will be based on the similarity index that must be less than 19% and from a single source it should be less than 5%.

Peer-Review process: Double blind Peer-Review process will be followed by soliciting comments of minimum two independent external referees. Rejected manuscripts will be sent back to the authors. However, the comments (major, minor or accept as it is) of the reviewers will be relayed to the corresponding authors for incorporation of corrections. Revised manuscripts and response letters received from the authors will be reevaluated by the Editor carefully prior conveying  the final decision. 

Page proofs: Page proofs of the accepted manuscripts will be sent to the authors (principal and co-authors) for checking and approval.