About the Journal

RADS Journal of Biological Research and Applied Sciences, welcome original research articles in the field of biological, medical and health sciences for publications. The mission of this biannual JBAS (two issues per year) journal is to provide a forum for publishing new findings on scientific issues pertinent to biological sciences.


Aims and Scope:
RADS Journal of Biological Research and Applied Sciences is an open access multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal which publishes original research articles in all fields of Biological and Health Science that provide insight into biological research. RADS Journal of Biological Research and Applied Science publishes biannually online with full access and in print format. Journal Biological Research and Applied Science evaluates each article both scientifically for validity and accepts articles solely on the basis of the research.   
  • To provide a platform for budding researchers and academics to present their research findings in the field of biological and applied sciences. 
  • To promote and encourage only quality research in basic and clinical fields of science. 
  • To publish research from both qualitative and quantitative paradigms. 
The RADS journal of Biological Science And Applied science seeks to promote and disseminate knowledge by publishing novel researches in all the fields of biological and applied sciences.