Sodicity control by gypsum & FYM with reference to green gram (Vigna radiate ) growth


  • Saima Ibrahim Jinnah University for Women, Karachi
  • Shakila Bano Jinnah University for Women, Karachi


Sodic soil, sodicity, farmyard manure, reclaimatives


Sufficiently present sodium ions (Na+ ) of sodic soil adversely affect the growth of growing plant. Sodic soil reclaimation requires Ca+2 ions supply for the replacement of exchangeable Na+ ion. Gypsum as an effective Ca+2 source used to reclaim sodic soil and improve soil ground water infiltration. Addition of FYM improves the sodic soil permeability by adsorbing insoluble salts. A pot experiment was conducted on artificial sodic soil for its reclaimation by combining different approaches i.e. application of gypsum and FYM. Two sets of experiments were designed to check the effects of salt and applied reclaimatives (alone or in combination) at different rates with respect to the growth of green gram. The treatments were: T0(control), T1(saltNa2CO3), T2(Salt+Gypsum1), T3(Salt+ Gypsum1+FYM1), T4(salt +Gypsum2), T5(Salt+Gypsum2+FYM2). In the given research, gypsum was applied at the rate of 1.5ton/ha (Gyp1) and 2.5ton/ha (Gyp2) alone or in combination with FYM at the rate of 2.5ton/ha (FYM1) and 5ton/ha (FYM2) respectively. The soil was artificially sodify by adding 0.15% Na2CO3 and 0.25% Na2CO3 separately in two sets of experiments. Thus, the gypsum provided the best treatment when applied alone it both rate. However, the combination of gypsum and FYM at low concentration was more effectives for all growth parameters than gypsum alone. High rate of FYM along with high gypsum rate required maximum irrigation to flush soluble salt which highly restricted growth if not leached down or drained out properly. At both sodicity levels an increase in soluble carbohydrate, total protein and proline contents was observed.

Author Biographies

Saima Ibrahim, Jinnah University for Women, Karachi

Department of Botany

Shakila Bano, Jinnah University for Women, Karachi

Department of Botany