Detection of Du Antigen in Rh Negative Blood Group Individuals


  • Naheed Afshan1 1Department of Microbiology,


Agglutination, Blood group, Du antigen, Rh antigen, Serum


Du is the weak expression of D antigen. The cells which are not immediately agglutinated by Anti-D
sera cannot be easily classified as D negative because some of these agglutinate after addition of
antiglobulin sera. This weak reactivity is termed as Du. Du positive cells are likely to elicit an immune
response in D negative individuals and the Du cells could be destroyed if the recepient is already
immunized. Therefore, Du positive donor is treated as D positive and recipient is treated as negative.
This report is based on Du antigen and the testing of Du antigen. In this report we discussed about
the detection of Du Antigen using 2 different protocols that show how to test the presence and absence
of Du antigen in Rh negative blood group individuals. In this study we included 100 blood group Dnegative
individuals .The result showed there were 3% that have Du antigen in their blood.

Author Biography

Naheed Afshan1, 1Department of Microbiology,

Jinnah University for Women, Karachi -74600, Pakistan