Detection of D-Xylose Activity of Yeast Species Isolated from Local Yoghurt and Sugar Cane Juice in Karachi


  • Leila Mohammadi Jinnah University for Women, Karachi Pakistan.


Biofuels, biomass, slug


Biofuels are vigor transporter that can hoard energy strained from biomass. There are various forms of biomass which are derived from food, wood and fiber; that can be obtain by processing slug of industrial, agricultural, forestry material. About twenty samples of yoghurt, and sugar cane juice were purchased indiscriminately from various places of Karachi. About 10 strains of yeasts were isolated by using Yeast extract peptone agar. Each strain was examining on the basis of cultural, morphological and biochemical characteristics. The total numbers of yeast strains were 10 from yoghurt while 5 from sugarcane extract. These isolates have ability for the production of diverse extra cellular enzymes by fermenting different sources of carbon; in resultant alcohol is produced.