Prevalence of Single and Multiple Parasitic Infection Among School and Pre- School Children in Karachi in Pakistan by Gender and Age Group

  • jbas jbas
  • Rukhsana Talat
  • Yasmeen A.Qadir
  • Talat Syeda
  • Farzana Ibrahim
  • Farzana Ibrahim
Keywords: Ascariasis, Acylostomiasis, Prevalence, Health, Stool


A total of 770 students have been observered from 5 different schools of Karachi in Pakistan during
January 2013 to December. Their stool samples were collected and observed under research microscope
(40 xs) and found Ascaris lumbricoides (round worm) and Ancylostoma duodenale (hook worm). The
prevalance of single parasitics infection was found 83.9% of which 39.5% in boys and 44.4% in girls.
Multiple parasitic infection was observed 42.1%, with 23.7% in boys and 18.4% in girls.